Updates from the Canvas team.

A very important note from Team Canvas

Hi Canvasaurs,

As you may have read earlier this week, we shared some sad news with the world—that our company is shutting down and our team going their separate ways.

Unfortunately it won’t be possible for us to continue to host Canvas going forward, and we’re doing our best to make the transition as smooth as possible for our dedicated users.

For one, you’ll be able to download a copy of your contributions. Be on the lookout for an e-mail with a personal download link shortly.

Downloading all of those images may take some time, so for the power users among us, we’d recommend using a tool like HTTrack to download the entire directory.

We’re also exploring options for hosting an archive of threads, and if we’re able to find a host, we’ll send out another e-mail with a link to the archive.

If you’d like to keep in touch with your fellow Canvasaurs, a lot of active users have formed a Facebook group, which you can join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CDRefugeeCamp/

We’re extremely grateful for your support, and sorry that Canvas will be closing. Thanks so much for being a part of something special for these past three years. While Canvas may not go on, we hope the spirit of remix will march forward.

Keep remixing,
Team Canvas