Updates from the Canvas team.

Introducing pins, groups, and sharing

We launched several new features last week, including pins, groups, and share buttons. 

1. Pins

Keep track of interesting threads you want to follow by dragging the pin sticker to them. Threads you start or post in will get pinned automatically. Try it out, and look for the “Pinned” tab in your navigation!

2. Groups

You can now choose which group to follow. The drop-down categories tab will show the ones you are following, as well as the 10 most popular groups. 

If you don’t see one you fancy, check the directory or create your own! As the creator of the group, you will be given moderations rights for the group and are responsible for keeping posts on-topic and work-safe. 

Read more about how to create groups here: http://canv.as/p/27y5c

3. Sharing

We’ve added share buttons so you can easily send your favorite images to your Facebook wall, Twitter feed, or StumbleUpon. Just drag the corresponding icon and start sharing!